Cordero is a Spanish and Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:nAndrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo (b. 1925), Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic ChurchnAngel Cordero Jr. (b. 1942), Puerto Rican jockeynAtilano Cordero Badillo (b. 1943), Puerto Rican entrepreneur and supermarket ownernChad Cordero (b. 1982), American professional baseball playernFederico A. Cordero (b. 1928), Puerto Rican classical guitaristnFrancisco Cordero (b. 1975), Dominican professional baseball playernGilda Cordero-Fernando (contemporary), Filipina writer and publishernJean Marc Cordero (b. 1986), Filipino Ballet DancernJoaqun Cordero (19232013), Mexican actornJuan Cordero (1822-1884), Mexican painter and muralistnJuan Csar Cordero Dvila (19041965), Puerto Rican Major General in the US Army during the Korean WarnJulin Cordero (b. 1984), Dominican professional baseball playernLen Febres Cordero (b. 1931), President of Ecuador 19841988nLuca Cordero di Montezemolo (b. 1947), Italian businessman, Chairman of FerrarinLuis Cordero Crespo (18331912), President of Ecuador 18921895nMaria Cordero (a.k.a. Fat Mama Maria) (b. 1954), singer, actress, and chef from MacaunMario Cordero (a.k.a. Catato) (b. 1930), Costa Rican professional football player and coachnMiguel Febres Cordero (18541910), Ecuadoran educator, member of the Christian Brothers ordernOlga Snchez Cordero (contemporary), Mexican jurist, member of the Supreme Court of JusticenPaquito Cordero (b. 1932), Puerto Rican comedian and television producernRafael "Churumba" Cordero Santiago (19422004), Puerto Rican politician, Mayor of Ponce 19892004nRafael Cordero (17901868), Puerto Rican educator, known as The Father of Public Education in Puerto RiconRodrigo Cordero (b. 1973), Costa Rican professional football playernVctor Cordero (b. 1973), Costa Rican professional football playernRoque Cordero (b. 1917), Panamanian-American composernSebastin Cordero (b. 1972), Ecuadoran film director, writer, and editornWil Cordero (a.k.a. Coco) (b. 1971), Puerto Rican professional baseball player

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